In June 2014, JAMA Internal Medicine published a study which reported that users of the drug Viagra were 84 percent more likely to develop skin cancer over a 10-year period.

The study looked at 26,000 men, finding that those who had taken Viagra, 6 percent of the total, had roughly double the risk of developing melanoma than those who never took the drug. Among subjects who were actively taking the drug, the risk of developing melanoma was 84 percent greater, the study suggested. The study’s authors are affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Brown University, Indiana University and Tianjin Medical University in China.

Lawyers filing suit will have to demonstrate that taking the erectile dysfunction drug was the cause of the plaintiffs’ skin cancer. Some have criticized the JAMA study for merely showing a correlation.

The nature of the connection between Viagra use and melanoma is likely to be at the center of the litigation.

Pfizer is not aware of any suits that have been filed so far that claim a linkage between Viagra usage and melanoma, company spokesman Steven Danehy said. Asked to comment about the JAMA study and potential litigation, he said in a statement, “There is no mention of melanoma in the Viagra product labeling. To date, Pfizer has not identified melanoma as a safety concern with the use of Viagra. Pfizer is committed to ensuring patient safety and regularly monitors and evaluates any adverse events reported to Pfizer directly or indirectly through secondary sources,” the statement said.

Source: New Jersey Law Journal, “Lawyers Readying Suits Claiming Viagra Caused Skin Cancer”, November 13, 2014

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