Medicare fraud rampant in South Florida

Two recent cases reported in the Miami Herald demonstrate the Medicare Fraud is still rampant in South Florida.  For example, Dr. Rene de los Rios was sentenced to almost twenty years in prison for his role in a conspiracy that fraudulently billed Medicare $19/7 million for HIV treatments that were either unnecessary or not provided.

Dr. Alan Gumer, a psychiatrist, pled guilty to a conspiracy that wrongfully billed Medicare $200 million for psychotherapy sessions that were not necessary.  It goes without saying that these fraudulent schemes hurt every tax payer and put the Medicare system at risk.

Private citizens who have knowledge of these types of fraud have a mechanism for reporting these crimes to the government and obtaining a reward.  Both federal and Florida state laws provide compensation for whistle blowers so long as they follow very specific procedures.  If you are aware of any individual or company who is cheating the government, Freidin Dobrinsky attorneys can help you file a claim with the appropriate government agency.  Depending on the case and how it develops, whistle blowers can receive up to 30% of the recoverd funds.

If you think you may have information that will entitle you to a recovery as a whistle blower, call our toll free number at 1-866 495 8060.