Defective Contact Lenses Lead to Large Manufacturer Recall

The U.S. Food Drug and Administration is reviewing the recent recall of 600,000 contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision and distributed as Avaira Toric contact lenses. CooperVision first announced the recall in August and publicized the recall to eye care providers, not consumers.

The FDA is considering other options to alert consumers including a separate consumer warning after saying that CooperVision needs a larger effort to alert the public about the dangerous and defective products. The FDA does not currently have the ability to mandate product recalls.

According to reports, the recalled lenses have caused serious pain for consumers, and in some rare cases, have led to hospitalization for eye pain. Other side effects caused by the defective lenses are blurred or hazy vision, corneal abrasions and redness. CooperVision is not aware of any permanent eye or sight damage as a result of the Avaira lenses.

Any consumer who is in possession of the recalled lenses may go to the CooperVision website to view the list of recalled contact lens lots. If your lot has been recalled, you may return the defective lenses to your eye care provider.

For consumers who have been harmed by the defective lenses, there may be recourse available through a product liability lawsuit. A manufacturer can be held accountable for dangerous or defective products that cause injury. If you’ve been injured by wearing Avaira Toric contact lenses, contact an experienced product liability attorney to understand your rights.

Source:¬†CBS News “Contact Lens Recall Stepped Up Under FDA Pressure: How to Stay Safe,” Ryan Jaslow, 10/18/2011