Log Truck Collides With Florida Woman’s Pickup Truck Yesterday

A collision involving a log truck and a pickup truck yesterday morning on County Road 240 left a Live Oak, Florida woman with critical injuries. She is currently being treated in Gainesville, while the driver of the log truck escaped unscathed.

2008 saw 11,500 trucking accidents in Florida which lead to 290 deaths and more than 6,400 injuries of varying degrees. A majority of these fatalities and injuries were caused by tractor-trailers such as the log truck involved in this accident yesterday morning.

Florida Highway Patrol says an eye witness to the accident driving behind the woman’s pickup truck claims the woman had been driving recklessly for a period of time prior to the accident. It is still unknown why her pickup proceeding eastbound crossed the center line into the westbound lane, slamming into the Mack log truck. According to State Patrol, the driver of the log truck hit the brakes and veered to the right when he saw the pickup headed into his lane though was unable to prevent the crash. The left side of each vehicle connected, causing the pickup to spin out in the middle of the road while the log truck headed partially off the road into a nearby ditch.

The pickup truck driver was forcibly removed from her vehicle upon arrival of emergency personnel. Her delivery to Shands Hospital at the University of Florida was expedited by helicopter given the perceived nature of her injuries.

All charges in the matter are still pending as the Florida Highway Patrol completes a full investigation into the accident.

Source: Lake City Reporter “Collision critically injures Live Oak Woman” by Tony Britt 10/22/10