Parkland Girl Suffers Brain, Spinal Injuries After Falling From Ride

A 12-year-old Parkland girl who fell 100 feet from an amusement park ride while on vacation in Wisconsin at the end of July was transferred to a hospital much closer to home yesterday. The girl had been riding Terminal Velocity at the Extreme World amusement park within Wisconsin Dells, 50 miles northwest of Madison. Wisconsin Dells is one of the most popular amusement / water parks in the mid-west, touting itself as the “water park capital of the world.”

Nets and air bags that were to have cushioned falling riders had not been raised at the time of the accident. The girl’s doctors report she suffered numerous brain injuries, spine injury, damage to her liver and other organs, and may end up being permanently paralyzed. The Madison hospital where she was receiving treatment listed her in fair condition Wednesday as she was flown to Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital to be closer to home.

Terminal Velocity’s ride operator is facing a felony reckless injury charge. Further complicating the situation, the operator admitted to police that he had been smoking weed in the days leading up to the accident. If the operator is convicted of this charge, he faces up to 25 years in prison. He and his employer also could face civil action taken by the girl’s family to collect monetary compensation for her brain, spinal, and organ injuries.

Source: NBC Miami “Girl Who Fell 100 Feet From Carnival Ride Flown to Miami” 9/1/10