Multimillion-Dollar Medical Malpractice Verdict

A University of North Florida business school professor died at Shands Hospital in 2002. It took the family eight years, but they were finally awarded a $6.2 million medical malpractice verdict this August.

We all know that certain medical procedures involve risks. When Cory Fine agreed to the gastric bypass surgery, he expected certain risks associated with the surgery. But he did not expect to die because nurses ignored his complaints that he was unable to breathe when laying flat on his back.

A CT scan was ordered of Mr. Fine’s lungs after the surgery. Before the scan, he complained that he could not breathe. The nurses failed to check his oxygen levels before subjecting him to the scan, and he died as a result. After the jury announced the verdict in favor of Fine’s family, the family’s lawyer questioned why Shands does not have a more effective safety policy in place saying, “Why don’t they spend $50 to buy the equipment to read oxygen saturation levels and make it available to CT technicians?”

The gastric bypass surgery, which should have been the most risky aspect of Mr. Fine’s stay in the hospital, was uneventful. Fine and his family had every reason to expect a normal recovery. Unfortunately, the nurses failed to take the appropriate steps to ensure that he would remain safe throughout the rest of his hospital stay.

This kind of medical malpractice led to the wrongful death of a Florida man. His family was fortunately able to achieve justice through a medical malpractice lawsuit, but they should never have experienced the hardship in the first place. Anyone who has lost a loved one due to medical negligence should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Source: The Gainesville Sun “Jury Awards $6.2M in malpractice suit against Shands” Diane Chun 13 Aug 2010