Toyota Lawsuits Accellerating

Miami auto accident attorneys are seeing an unprecedented amount of litigation over faulty Toyota automobiles. The stakes are enormous. The defendant is a multinational, multibillion-dollar company. There are hundreds of thousands of plaintiffs.

Toyota cases have been centralized in Santa Ana, in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. The judge is James V. Selna, a George W. Bush appointee and former commercial litigator. A national plaintiff committee has been formed that includes a Miami auto accident attorney.

The lawsuits vary in the damages they are seeking. Some seek compensation for the loss of a vehicle’s entire value, some for the expense of repair, and some are asking for punitive damages for endangering car owners and passengers.

Miami auto accident attorneys had argued for consolidation of the Toyota cases in South Florida, but most are happy with the decision to assign the cases to Judge Selna. He is seen as someone who understands the need for everyone to have some resolution as quickly as possible.

There are more than 320 state and federal Toyota cases already filed, and around fifty of them allege deaths or injuries were caused by accelleration problems with Toyota vehicles.

Toyota has appointed a firm of Miami lawyers to defend the company in Florida. They have had no public comment about the litigation.

Some Miami auto accident attorneys are consulting with foreign attorneys about a possible federal lawsuit on behalf of Toyota owners outside the United States.

  • Source: Broward Daily Business Review “South Florida Lawyers Stay Busy With Lawsuits” May 24, 2010